ACT Group Course Schedule 2020

Leading up to ACT test dates

Group Course Features
  • 8 Concept Classes (3 hours each)
  • 2 Practice & Review Sessions (3 hours each)
  • 2 Tutorials (2 hours each)
  • Self-revision (ACT Online Material Access)

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ACT Groups 2020

For April Test Takers

ACT April Test Dates 3 – 4 April 2020

  • Concept Classes
    February Group: 1 February – 23 February
    February to March Group: 29 February – 22 March
  • Practice & Review Sessions 30 March – 31 March
  • Tutorials 1 April – 2 April
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For June Test Takers

ACT June Test Dates 12 – 13 June 2020

  • Concept Classes
    March to April Group: 28 March – 19 April
    April to May Group: 25 April – 17 May
  • Practice & Review Sessions 8 June – 9 June
  • Tutorials 10 June – 11 June
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Course Overview


Prep Zone Academy Rochester – 35 Rochester Drive, Rochester Mall, #02-05, Singapore 138639
Prep Zone Springleaf – 3 Anson Road, Springleaf Tower, #08-03, Singapore 079909

8 Concept Classes (3h)

24 hours worth of concept classes where students will learn all the fundamental concepts to build up their foundation and cover the entire ACT syllabus. Students will gain a better understanding on how to apply concepts & skills taught to real-world problems. Trainers will also discuss about the ACT scoring rubric and strategies to help them answer better & more effectively.

Each session lasts 3 hours, with a 15 minutes break in between. If you miss a session, contact a Prep Zone personnel to arrange for a free make-up session before the ACT April test date (subjected to availability).

2 Practice & Review Sessions (3h)

This will help students familiarise themselves with the test format & reinforce their understanding through timed practice sections. This would be followed by the answer explanations with our ACT trainer.

2 Tutorials (2h)

Students will be attempting advanced-level questions under timed conditions & learn how to best tackle the questions effectively. Students can also clarify their doubts during these tutorial sessions.

Practice Tests (Schedule anytime)

Students will be given access to ACT full-length practice tests and can come in during our operating hours to sit for the test. A score report will be generated immediately.

ACT Online Prep Access

Students who have signed up for our ACT group course will also be subscribed to’s Online Prep.

  • Learning tool by the makers of ACT
  • Practice tests with real ACT test questions
  • Personalised learning paths & comprehensive content review

To maximise the effectiveness of the course, take at least 4-5 full-length practice tests throughout the course.

If you are struggling to increase your score, schedule a chat with a course consultant immediately to identify your weaknesses.

Overall ACT Course Calendar

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Concept Class Topics


  1. Geometry –Lines and angles; Triangles; Quadrilaterals; Polygons; Circles; Spheres; Cylinders; Cones; Rectangular solids; Cartesian distances; Gradient; Equations & equivalent representations; Reflections; Functions; Symbols
  2. Number Properties –Fractions and rational numbers; Factors and multiples; Prime numbers; Manipulation of algebraic expressions; Factorisation; Exponents and roots; Absolute value; Inequalities; Systems of linear equations; Quadratic equations; Mean
  3. Word Problems –Percentages; Ratio and proportion; Money problems; Time and rate; Time and work; Age problems; Miscellaneous word problems; Arrangements; Combinations; Permutations; Probability


  1. Grammar A – Sentence Improvement, Identification of Errors, Grammar, meaning and Concision; Subject-verb Agreement;Parallelism;Comma Splices and Transitions
  2. Grammar B – Pronouns; Noun modifiers; Verb modifiers; Idioms; Verb tense; Grammatical voice. Paragraph improvement and coherence questions


  1. Essay – Essay grading and requirements; Essay structure; Brainstorming techniques; Finding examples; Planning and organisation; Review of difficult questions


  1. Comprehension – Types of reading comprehension passages; Finding the main point; Passage types: short, long, dual short, and dual long passages


  1. Reasoning –Interpretation of Scientific Passages including Data Representation, Research Summaries and Paired Passages; Explanation of the Scientific Method to solve questions

Materials Included

The ACT Official Guide

Prep Zone Academy’s ACT Math, Verbal & Science Roadmaps

ACT Online Material Access
(Online Prep

Access to our ACT library & full-length practice tests

ACT Prep & College Admissions Consultation

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