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1 year access to ACT Group Classes
8 Concept Classes (3 hours each)
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About The ACT Group Membership

When you sign up for the ACT Group Course, you will get a comprehensive review of the ACT through our Concept Classes. We have 8 types of Concept Classes covering different fundamentals. This can be completed within 4 weeks! Each concept class lasts for 3 hours.

Every weekend, we start a new ACT Group Course. The ACT Group Course membership gives you access to all our ACT group classes, across all subjects. You are automatically enrolled in ALL the ACT group courses scheduled for the next 1 year without additional charges! You can attend any concept class multiple times to reinforce your knowledge on that topic. You will never miss out any class, you can always make-up for it!

8 Concept Classes
  1. Math – Number Properties
  2. Math – Word Problems
  3. Math – Geometry
  4. Reading – Comprehension
  5. Science – Reasoning
  6. English – Grammar A
  7. English – Grammar B
  8. Writing – Essay

Concept Class Topics


  1. Geometry –Lines and angles; Triangles; Quadrilaterals; Polygons; Circles; Spheres; Cylinders; Cones; Rectangular solids; Cartesian distances; Gradient; Equations & equivalent representations; Reflections; Functions; Symbols
  2. Number Properties –Fractions and rational numbers; Factors and multiples; Prime numbers; Manipulation of algebraic expressions; Factorisation; Exponents and roots; Absolute value; Inequalities; Systems of linear equations; Quadratic equations; Mean
  3. Word Problems –Percentages; Ratio and proportion; Money problems; Time and rate; Time and work; Age problems; Miscellaneous word problems; Arrangements; Combinations; Permutations; Probability


  1. Grammar A – Sentence Improvement, Identification of Errors, Grammar, meaning and Concision; Subject-verb Agreement;Parallelism;Comma Splices and Transitions
  2. Grammar B – Pronouns; Noun modifiers; Verb modifiers; Idioms; Verb tense; Grammatical voice. Paragraph improvement and coherence questions


  1. Essay – Essay grading and requirements; Essay structure; Brainstorming techniques; Finding examples; Planning and organisation; Review of difficult questions


  1. Comprehension – Types of reading comprehension passages; Finding the main point; Passage types: short, long, dual short, and dual long passages


  1. Reasoning –Interpretation of Scientific Passages including Data Representation, Research Summaries and Paired Passages; Explanation of the Scientific Method to solve questions

Materials included

The ACT Official Guide

Prep Zone Academy’s ACT Math, Verbal & Science Roadmaps

ACT Online Material Access
(Online Prep

Free access to our ACT library & full-length practice tests

ACT Prep & College Admissions Consultation


Will you cover all the question types I find difficult?

Of course! Our trainers come from various academic backgrounds and have formulated specific frameworks to help you analyse, understand, and answer all question types. Hence, regardless of your background, this course has the right ingredients to help you overcome your weaknesses, improve your scores and ace the test.

My schedule is hectic, so can I come on the weekend?

Yes! Our standard group classes are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays. Crash course group classes happen Monday through Friday. Crash course group classes occurs during summer breaks and a few other specific time periods during the year.

Can you help me with the college applications?

We also offer comprehensive application consulting services. They handhold you from profile evaluation and schools shortlisting to essay editing and interview coaching all the way to evaluating admissions offers and preparing for the visa application. We’ll be happy to schedule a free consultation session with you.

What if I need individual sessions?

You can sign up for our Hybrid or Individual course. We have packages that include a certain number of individual coaching hours at a discounted rate. You could also request for a standard hourly rate based on the duration of your session.

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