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Taking a full-length diagnostic test is a great way to start preparing for the ACT! By putting yourself under exam condition for nearly 3 hours, you will get an accurate estimation of your current level and thus, know your strengths & weaknesses inside out.

Prep Zone Academy offers a completely free ACT diagnostic test for any students looking to get started with ACT preparation. Simply register using the form in this page and our course consultants will get in touch with you to confirm the test-taking slot!

Additionally, you will receive a free, detailed report right after finishing the test. You can then review this report with a Prep Zone consultant, who can provide you with personalised tips to best prepare for the ACT.


How It Works

1. Register For ACT Diagnostic Test

Fill up the form below to indicate your interest. We will be contacting you shortly to schedule the test.

2. Sit For Diagnostic Test

Take the test in our office. Note that you will need at least 3 hours for it, so make space in your calendar.

3. Receive A Detailed Report

Receive a detailed test report immediately after the test. You can then choose to either take the report back, or schedule a follow-up chat with our ACT consultants to review your strengths and weaknesses.

ACT Diagnostic Test Registration


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