Scoring Process and Method

For each of the four multiple-choice test in the ACT (English, Mathematics, Reading and Science), the raw scores are computed based on the number of correct responses given.

These raw scores would be converted to scale scores ranging from 1 to 36. Based on these raw scores, the Composite score would be generated. The Composite score is the average of the four multiple-choice test scale scores rounded to the nearest whole number (fractions of 0.5 or greater round up).

In addition to the four ACT test scores and Composite score, several reporting category scores are reported. There are 3 reporting categories for English, Reading and Science while there are 8 for Mathematics.

Each reporting category shows the total number of points possible, the number of correct responses, the percent of correct responses and the ACT Readiness Range.

If the student have taken the optional writing test, the essay will be scored by two separate trained readers who will each rate the essay on a 1-6 scale. Their scores will be based on a scoring rubric that accounts for Ideas and Analysis, Development and Support, Organization, and Language Use and Conventions. The two readers scores will be summed to give the final score on the range of 2-12.

Score Longevity

ACT scores are valid for five years.

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