Here are some sample ACT scores requirement at top schools.

RankUniversityACT Score of 25th PercentileACT Score of 75th Percentile
1Princeton University3235
2Harvard University3235
3Yale University3135
4University of Chicago3135
5Stanford University3135
6Columbia University3235
7Massachusetts Institute of Technology3335
8University of Pennsylvania3134
9Duke University3134
10John Hopkins University3234
11Dartmouth College3034
12California Institute of Technology3435
13Northwestern University3134
14Brown University3134
15Cornell University3034
16Rice University3234
17Vanderbilt University3235
18University of Notre Dam3234
19Washington University in St. Louis3234
20Emory University2933
21Georgetown University3034
22University of California, Berkeley3034
23University of Southern California3033
24Carnegie Mellon University3134
25University of California, Los Angeles1520
26University of Virginia2933
27University of Michigan, Ann Arbor2933
28Tufts University3033
29Wake Forest University2832
30University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill2732

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